Blackboard Specials



Happy Easter!!


Brunch Quiche: Bacon, Mushroom & Gruyere Cheese


Brunch Omelet: Panchetta & Brie


Brunch Special: Chorizo Biscuits & Gravy - $8


Brunch Special: Ham Steak & Eggs - $10

-Grilled Ham Steak, 2 Eggs, Biscuit & Home Fries


Brunch Sandwich: Prime Rib & Egg Sandwich - $11

-Hot Prime Rib, Provolone, Fried Egg with Home Fries


Special Dessert: Candied Grapefruit & Maple Crepes - $6


Available After 2 PM

Soup of the Day: Tomato Vegatable

-with summer squash


Dog Ear of Day: Spinach & Artichoke



Special Burger: Prime Rib Sandwich - $11

-Hot Prime Rib, Provolone, Horseradish Sauce


Dinner Entree: Rosemary Garlic Rack of Lamb - $18

-Oven Roasted, finished with Balsamic Reduction & Sea Salt, served with New Potatoes & Spinach


Dinner Entree: Ham Steak & Cheddar-Mashed Potatoes - $12